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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lloyd's Register of Ships Continues to Streamline Historic Information

Recently, I was directed to the website for the historic "Lloyd's Register of Ships."

Lloyd's is a multi-faceted organization, but this particular page included on their website - located in the "Research and Innovation" section - directs the interested researcher to resources listing shipping and vessel information from the earliest and first edition of Lloyd's in 1764.

All in one place.
In case you are not a Londoner, and therefore unable to visit their physical reference library, a virtual visit is in order.  Lloyd's website will direct you to several online sources of Lloyd's historical data.  These include Google Books, The Internet Archive, and Plimsoll ship data project (digitized cooperatively with the Southampton (England) Library and Archives associations.)

From Google Books - Early archives of Lloyd's

The very first Lloyd's Register of Ships, 1764 - 1766, is included on a separate page of the Lloyd's website.  This is simply a fascinating view of the original book which appears to have been digitized in 2012.

From Lloyd's Register of Ships: 1764-66

This page provides a table for locating ships alphabetically by their name (ex:  in this earliest time period. Each page appears as a downloadable PDF.

Page from earliest Lloyd's Register (website image)

It is always a pleasant discovery to learn of continued efforts to consolidate and streamline valuable historic information, in this case, regarding vessels, captains and arrival and departure ports of sea.  Lloyd's does it well.  Again, the link to Lloyd's Register of Ships.

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