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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sailor's Snug Harbor Digital Records New Locations

A reader just alerted me to new links for the historical records of Sailor's Snug Harbor held by the Maritime College of SUNY.

The Sailor's Snug Harbor Collection, Stephen B. Luce Library Archives located here.

The digital records which contain records, letters, photographs are held by the "The New York Heritage Digital Collections

Clicking here will take you directly to the records pertaining to Sailor's Snug Harbor.

Thank you to the reader who contributed this new information.


  1. Hi Jane, I also have an ancestor who resided at Sailors Snug Harbor in the late 1800s and is interred at their cemetery. Is your ancestor also interred there? If yes, is there an email address I contact you at? I do not see one listed on this site.

  2. Hi BJ, Yes, you can email me at: It's on my Contact and Copyright Page in right hand menu. Feel free to get in touch.