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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sleek Form Follows Smooth Function: FindaGrave Has a New App!, the international, searchable grave memorial and cemetery database, has now created an app for your mobile device that is designed as conscientiously and thoroughly as the website.  If that isn't enough joy, it has great colors and a seamless, user-friendly format, both for searchers of the deceased, and for those who contribute photos for the database.
Click on image below to download app from their website.

Based on location services, you can now search for cemeteries from wherever you happen to be standing, via a Google map-style format.  One of my only struggles with the website since I began using it years ago, was the inability to quickly identify all the cemeteries within, say,  one specific town.  Now you can see them all at a glance.

Open the app and you will see the option to do a Memorial Search or a Cemetery Search.  I have already signed in to my photo contributor account, so you can see my ID name in the upper left. To find cemeteries around you, click on Cemetery Search.

A map will pop up with green and orange headstones.  Green means there are photo requests pending for that cemetery.  Orange means no photo requests.  As you touch the headstone, the name of the cemetery will pop up. Touch that, and you will be taken to the cemetery itself, listing all the memorials, photo requests, etc.  It's great!

When you get to the Cemetery page (see below), you will find a bright green/orange menu and a super-clear photo of that cemetery provided by a contributor.  Even though all the photos are the same as the website, suddenly they look crisp and bright.   Maybe because my iPhone 5S screen has great resolution... but whatever.  It is cheery bright and a breeze to read.

The Bay View Cemetery in Waquoit (East Falmouth, MA)  happened to have one photo request for Lydia Childs.  I clicked on the appropriate link, and up pops her memorial page:

Look how sleek it is!  There is her name in a nice clear font. I like the colors - they are pleasingly organic yet ...dignified.

The camera icon lets you take a photo from within the app.  Just click on the camera icon, and you can snap the photo, decide if you want to use it, and then seamlessly upload it to Lydia's memorial page. right then and there.

(If a headstone photo already existed for Lydia, it would appear in place of the camera icon.)

You can also scroll down her page for info about her family, birth and death dates, etc.

In this way, the app works like if you are familiar with this other grave database.

BillionGraves is popular, functions much like a social network, and has contributed many valuable gravestone photos to the webisphere. It too contains the camera icon and the capability of a swift,  on-site photo upload.

 Perhaps it is because I have used FindaGrave for so long, but I continue to find its emphasis more weighted towards actual genealogical information included on the memorial page.  The photos serve as an adjunct to that historical and biographical sketch provided by whomever originally created the memorial page.

All I can say is, if you are truly engaged in genealogical research for yourself or others, the well-researched info provided by this network of contributors is absolutely priceless.

Never have the dead been so easy to find!  Kudos to FindaGrave.  Their cool new app is the creme de la creme.

Again, click here to get the FindaGrave app.

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  1. Follow up to a reader's good question via email: .. I have not explored using the FindaGrave app to actually create a Memorial Page and I am not sure it is possible. Will investigate and report.

    I literally downloaded the app, and used it on the spot in a local cemetery. Sometimes this is a good way to determine the usability of an app. No toying with, or over-thinking - just jump in and use it. In this case, the FindaGrave app passed with flying colors.