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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mossy Thinking and a New Gen Website

The last few days have been a little - I don't know - "off."

I don't know why. The weather has been fabulous and sunny.  Lots of green shoots are showing up in the gardens.  Last Saturday, I dropped by Mahoney's, the local garden store, and they had many exciting signs of Spring:  seed packets, pots of purple pansies, wonderful mossy planter things.

However, short of re-upholstering an old Victorian chair of my grandmother's last weekend, I've been feeling at odds.

This morning, while Googling: "How to grow moss on a pocketbook,"  (Martha Stewart has a video on this.  Of course.)

an email came flying in from an unknown genealogy person.   I ignored it, busy as I was with the moss-growing idea.

Soon, I had to rush off and meet my daughter and her boyfriend as they got off the ferry from Martha's Vineyard, and bid them farewell, as they jumped on a bus to Logan Airport, from whence they would fly off to Albuquerque, NM for a week (envy envy).  That all went well.  Hugs and good byes.  On the way home, I dropped by the local Starbucks and got a Tall coffee.  And that is probably when things started to go a little haywire.

Back at home again, with full intentions of "getting something done" today, I made a reasonable list. Of course, on this list was "investigate new genealogical website."

Suddenly, I received a text from our family friend Douglas who works as a flight simulator instructor at Logan.  "When are Annie and Adam arriving?  I will meet them at JetBlue and surprise them."  So, I gave Douglas their bus ETA: 12:30pm.

An half hour daughter and boyfriend have arrived at Logan, Doug reports.  I immediately went on the Peter Pan Bus Lines (oh how appropriate a name) website to search the status of their bus.  The website was DOWN.  A wee little ribbon of panic started to float in.  Possibly aided by the very strong cup of coffee from Star*Bucks.  I texted Annie.  Repeatedly (okay, like um ten times.)  No Answer.

Another text from Douglas:  "I never saw the bus arrive, and I went to the Jet Blue Gate and did not see them."

By now, the ribbon of panic has turned into a full-blown Olympic-sized banner of wild fear.  Where ARE they?  My caffeine-amped imagination saw their poor, gentle bodies strewn across Route 3, with the wheels of said Peter Pan bus, belly up from some unfortunate accident, spinning in the air.   Being an historical researcher (and a mother) I happen to know that no such horrendous accident has befallen a Peter Pan bus. Ever. I know because I've actually spent some time looking into this. (I don't care what you think of me at this point. You mothers out there will understand this kind of hysteria.)

But, I hear you.  "Take a deep breath. Chillax." In my head, I wanted to be like Sage Kotsenberg, snowboarding his way to a Gold Medal without a muscle twitch- broad spacey smile, and windblown locks, the epitome of chill. My nerves were just not in touch with my head.

 I finally got Peter Pan on the phone.  The customer helper (Tinkerbell? Wendy?) sounded concerned and...indefinite.  "Let me look into that for youuu," and put me on eternal hold with sad, funereal music playing in the background.  Complete and total panic, now.

An eon and multiple chewed fingernails later, a tiny, mini-text from Annie chimes in saying "we're checked in. we're eating." That was it.

Douglas went back to work upstairs in the Control Tower.  I'm sure, shaking his head. And I finally got my heart rate back to normal -and finally, finally,  re-addressed the genealogical website issue.

So.  Here it is.  I have to confess, I did not register, as suggested on the website.  But it appears to have quite a few registrants, and I feel that any possibility of sharing information with new people, is probably a good idea.  Here it is, as referred by Mary Vanstalk.  If any reader happens to avail themselves of the information on GenGathering, I would like to hear about your experience.

Cheers, and have a nice relaxing week!  Jane

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