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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

November 2nd. Put this special event at Penobscot Marine Museum on Your Calendar

The Penobscot Marine Museum is hosting a one-day event that combines the past and the future. 

The History Conference is best introduced in the Musuem's description from their website:

"For generations the resources of fish, wind and tide played key roles in Mainers’ lives. The Industrial and Technological Revolutions dramatically changed our use of these resources. What is the current state of our fisheries? Is there a new vision for Maine’s working waterfront? Can Maine lead the way in wind and tidal power development? This year we examine Maine’s history and future with regards to our resources of fish, wind and tide."

Visit their event page for further descriptions of their lecture series.

The lecture sessions are separated by 15 minutes breaks, and end with a beer-tasting from Marshall Wharf Brewing Co.

You can register for the event online.   

Entry fee is $50. for museum members, and $60 for non-members, with lower prices for teachers and students.

Once again, the Penobscot Marine Museum offers another interesting, fun and very relevant event -- this time for those fascinated by the history of life on and by the sea, and for those interested in the future of ocean resources. 


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