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Monday, September 2, 2013

Maritime Monday and Labors of Love

Genealogical research is a labor of love, you have to admit.  The hours, months and years required to navigate all the twists and turns of time and historical events - to locate just one elusive ancestor - chronicle a mad devotion to the task. Almost every day I encounter someone new caught up in the "Where's Waldo" of it all.

Today, Labor Day, is a good day to acknowledge the meaningful, honest good work of historical researchers bent upon connecting the dots between people and events and recording this information for future generations.

Today, I would like to highlight a new website - surprisingly, one I use almost daily but have somehow been remiss in including in my genealogical research links.

Image: Cape Cod Gravestone website
Cape Cod Gravestones  is a cemetery list of the cemeteries of Barnstable County, by town.  The list of interments in each cemetery, though not fully complete, records the most historic of graves - and there are many.  This is a great resource.  The burials in each cemetery are listed not by name, but by date of death.  The burial dates range from 1683 - 1880, and in some cases to 1900.

A note on the front page of the website offers good instruction on searching by name.  Simply go to Google and enter "capecodgravestones +  (surname)" and this will scan the site for your person.  I have located, and visited many many graves thanks to this site, and used hand in hand with the Falmouth Genealogical Society "Cemetery Project," you have a very good chance of finding that elusive ancestor.  Photo images are of course included on both sites, though not for each grave.

Cape Cod Gravestones appears to be created and maintained by Robert Paine Carlson and he is the contact for the website.  Besides providing genealogical information, make sure you read all the info on the home page of the website regarding all that can be found here. Carlson's project has accomplished a valuable service in recording by photograph, gravestones that very soon will be unreadable or lost, due to ravages of time.

Labor of love??  You bet!  Happy Labor Day.