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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Relatives and the Theory of Relativity a Graveyard

While searching for the relatives of a Falmouth sea captain at the Church of the Messiah Cemetery in Woods Hole, I happened to make a relatively surprising discovery.  (Please forgive the punniness - it was hard to resist.)

Hans Albert Einstein was the first son of Albert Einstein.  He was born in Switzerland, lived and taught at the U. of California, Berkeley,  and just happened to pass away of a sudden cardiovascular event, while lecturing at a symposium in Woods Hole in 1973. 

I did also find the sea captain and his family.  Captain Calvin Childs and his wife Mercy are buried a little higher up the hill from Hans Albert Einstein in what is known as the Old Village Cemetery - the oldest portion of this Woods Hole cemetery that sits next to the stone church, and across the road from Vineyard Sound.  Captain Childs also died far from home.  He succumbed to cholera, in 1855, in Piermont, New York.

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