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Friday, August 2, 2013

NEHGS Name Origins: Sena - My 3x Great-Grandmother

Last Spring, The Weekly Genealogist, published online by NEHGS, did a nice feature on this AncestryInk blog.  There was a little fun in the article regarding my Master Mariner great-grandfather (1860-1934) who was known for, among other things, his seemingly overlapping marriages.  Polygamist!  In truth, they were all on the up and up, but records of an earlier divorce were not found, casting a little "shadow" on his moral proclivities.

Purely by coincidence, this past Wednesday's The Weekly Genealogist mentioned another ancestor of mine: Sena Luddington.  In the "Name Origins" section of this edition, the meaning and origins of "Sena" were discussed, using Sena Luddington as one of the examples. 

A Little Back Story

Sena Luddington was the grandmother of my nefarious Master Mariner great-grandfather, Allan Henderson!   In our genealogical records, she is known as Lucina, or Lusina.  There is one record that refers to her as Sena.

"Lusina Henderson: Manchester Guysborough Township Records

She married Alexander Henderson, a Scottish Loyalist, who at the end of the Revolutionary War was granted, along with Lucina's father Titus Luddington (Ludington) of CT, acreage in Manchester, Guysborough, Nova Scotia.  There they had eleven children, the youngest being Allan Henderson.

Skeletons in the Closet

Allan, a mariner,  soon made his way to North Haven and Deer Isle, Maine where he acquired land,  married, and in 1860 had a son, Capt. Allan Henderson, the maybe-somtimes-but-not-really Polygamist Master Mariner. The very same ancestor whose name was never uttered in my family, but for one brief moment. Delivered with a shrug and a peeved, impatient laugh, his daughter Eva, (my grandmother) threw out into one family gathering: "Oh yes, he had a woman in every port."  I was about eight years old, and that was the first and last time I ever heard mention of Capt. Allan Henderson.

Coincidence Happens

Two closely related Henderson ancestors brought to life in The Weekly Genealogist within a few months - what are the chances?  It is always a great read, but you can be sure I won't be skipping any future editions.

The only other astonishing and rather exciting airing of an ancestor's name came via Ken Burns's "The Civil War" film.  The mention of the two Henderson brothers from Deer Isle, Maine who were killed in the Civil War?   Cousins of the Captain.  

With all the attention genealogy is receiving lately, I wonder how many of you out there who have been vigorously "shaking your family tree,"  have suddenly found yourself reading or hearing about one of your very own ancestors in the media? 

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