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Monday, August 12, 2013

Maritime Monday - The Lovely Liberté

There are times, along the New England shoreline, when it almost seems as if nothing much has changed since the mid-1800's.  The other night was just such a night...watching a schooner sail into the sunset across Vineyard Sound.

The Liberté was actually built in early 2000 to the exact specifications of her owners. She is a charter vessel that hails from Maryland, and is tied up at the Patriot Ferry dock in Falmouth during the summer months.  Every evening, her fair lines and full sails grace the waters between Falmouth and the Vineyard. When the daily din of automobiles and busy summer life has gone quiet, you can easily imagine a life on the sea, in another, earlier century.

Here she is, timeless, in the last light of the day:


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