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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Limerick Burial Records Go Online

This information came through a Facebook forum.  Pretty exciting news for those of you who are searching for Irish ancestors.

Limerick, Ireland
70,000 burial records from the Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery in Limerick will go online this month - August 20th .  The information will not just be a list of names of those interred there, but also position of grave, names and addresses, age at death, and in some cases, cause of death.

Click here to read the news article.

I Googled the Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery.  Here is a link to the cemetery webpage.  The dates of the burial records span from 1855 - 2008. The records are broken into four sections and require a DjVu viewer to download, first.  It appears the records are already online, earlier than the 20th of August, though I did not take the next step and view any individual records.

Happy researching! 

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