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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Update on the Shifting Ice of Arctic Waters

My copy of Rolling Stone finally arrived (safely and unmutilated by dissenters) in my mailbox yesterday.  I read the article about the Arctic Ice right away.  The concerns we have in this century, differ quite radically from the concerns of 1800's mariners, and the fate of the 32 ships locked and crushed in ice, in 1871, which I reported yesterday.

This article follows Jason Box, a scientist tracking the melting of the Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland which, according to the article,  holds about 10% of the world's ice.  Between July 8 and July 12 of last year, "the entire surface of Greenland began melting." Shocking facts abound.

This is a different threat than those our mariners faced, for sure.  We are not talking about the seasonal shifting and calving of glaciers.  This is about the glaciers disappearing altogether, and changing our climate forever.  Box explores the effect of soot from wildfires creating a warming effect over the glaciers. The article is a huge wake-up call,  and important to read. 

"Jahar" Tsarnaev?

 The piece about the Marathon Bomber written by Janet Reitman is a thorough, well-written, and unbiased biography of this - boy.  Whether you are offended by his portrait on the cover or not, I wouldn't let anything about the cover put you off from reading the article.  Especially those of you who are passionate Bostonians.

Most of us, in the event of a sudden tragedy,  immediately want to know "why."  This article gives a timeline to the lives of both Tsarnaevs, and left me feeling a sense of - rest. Not peace.  But the reconstruction of his background from childhood, and of his brother, does bring a certain sense of order and in a way, understanding, to the shockingly violent, sad events that unfolded in just a matter of minutes, in downtown Boston.  It helped me to read it.

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