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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beach Restrictions 1821

There is a lot of grumbling, from time to time, in beach side communities.  Some group or another is always concerned about removal of anything other than shells, from our lovely shores. This does not always set well with the natives.

In 2013, protection from erosion or other irreversible damage to fragile ecosystems is vastly important to preserving the beaches, yet -  one still feels that beach ambles might include picking up a few perfectly round stones or some nice bleached driftwood from time to time.

Once again, it is heartening to learn that we are not living in a  modern society of just too many restrictions, but that these protective influences date back as early as 1821!

Here is an excerpt of 1821 town doings in Barnstable County: *

I want to note here that they refer to preventing "strangers" from removing said treasures from the sea-shore.  Maybe that means the locals could beachcomb at will!  I hope so.  But thank you to them for their protective measures, without which we may not be enjoying our beautiful shoreline today.

*from "The History of Cape Cod: Annals of the Thirteen Town of Barnstable County,  Vol II; by Frederick Freeman, published Boston, 1862.

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