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Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the Homefront

While others are enjoying the stimulating lectures and events of NERGC, I am (necessarily and regrettably) at home 'taking care of business.'   One of these tasks involves making the blog friendlier for readers.

Streamlining the AncestryInk blog:

1.  The Contact and Copyright pages have been combined into one page.  You can find this in the upper right hand menu of the blog. 

2.   There is now a dedicated page for genealogy blogs called "Blogger links," also found in the upper right hand menu of blog.  This allows for less clutter on the home page of blog and more room to include a well-rounded list of interesting and informative (and fun) genealogy blogs. 

If you would like to be included in this list, please contact me either via email, or comment at bottom of this post.

Thanks!   To all there, have a great time at the Conference today!

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