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Monday, April 15, 2013

Crashing in the Cemetery - An Update on the LegacyTec app

I like to update previous posts as quickly as possible.  Late yesterday afternoon, I took my iPhone loaded with the app, to the nearby Oak Grove Cemetery.  Here, I knew there was at least one famous interment, that of Katherine Lee Bates. A former citizen that Falmouth, MA is happy to claim as its own.  If there were to be a headstone from any cemetery in Falmouth, uploaded to BillionGraves, I thought her stone might be the one.  She did, after all, pen "America the Beautiful."

Katherine Lee Bates, Oak Grove Cemetery, Falmouth MA
This is the long and short of it.  The long part is how long it takes you to figure out their menu for the first time.  I wouldn't say I'm a living-in-a-dark-basement Geek, but I have plenty of tech-related skills.

 The short of it is how after a couple of seconds, the app repeatedly crashes, no matter what part of the menu options you are in.

For instance, I clicked on the LegacyTec portion of the menu.  This is the option that allows you to upload photos and info to their database, and also to determine beforehand, if that headstone you just photographed is already in their database.

Took the photo, tried to upload - crash!

Next, while still in the graveyard, I thought I would see if the FamilySearch part of the app would work (after all - it could be that I have an ancient iPhone 4??)  This option should allow you to search the FamilySearch database, just as you would at home.

Maybe I'm eternally logged in on my home computers, but I had to either "log in" or "create a new account" with their entry.  Hmmm.  They do mention in their app notes, that it is a "free" database....but they still require you to log in.  Fine.  I managed to remember my log-in info.  After entering Katherine Lee Bates name into their search page (a good test subject since she was right in front of me) -  you guessed it:  the app crashed.  When I tried to go back, it required me to log in, every single time! And crashed every single time. Annoying.

Sometimes the app didn't crash, but instead presented you with the search windows, and yet when typing in the info, nothing appeared.  Not even the first letter of the name.

I again attempted to upload a photo (maybe I had a bad signal before?) and when that option crashed each time, I gave up.

This morning, I thought I would try the app again.  Maybe being on my home wifi would make a difference (though this kind of defeats the purpose of a mobile app.)  No luck.  Same situation.  At least this time, I was actually able to log in more than Katherine Lee Bates name in to the part of app.  It performed like their usual database online  And then, before giving any results...crashed.  Frustrating.

Obviously, people are having success with the app.

BillionGraves blog announced the "winner" for March, for uploading photos.  Someone named "Pergler" literally entered 15,000+ photos in one month!  How is that possible?    Did I do my math wrong, or is that about 500 photos a day?  For this, Pergler received a $50 Visa gift card. That would barely cover gas for the car to get to that many gravestones, even with a Prius. (The blog specifically says "pictures" so it is not about multiple names on one headstone.) Perhaps Pergler represents a whole boy scout troop, or something like that.

I will keep trying...


  1. Hi AncestryInk,

    I work for BillionGraves and I was very confused with this post on which app you're talking about. We have 2 different apps that we work with: Legacy Mobile and BillionGraves. Which app was the one that kept crashing? You mentioned both in this post interchangeably although they do pretty different things. If you could specify which one you were using when, I would love to give the info to our developers so we can find out what was going wrong. Thanks for the good info!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I downloaded and was using the LegacyMobile app. If you wanted to drop me your email address, I could describe it in more detail. It's definitely behaving oddly. Even when I attempted to take a screen shot of the open app menu to send you, the app changed windows as if I were using it, and I was unable to capture the screen shot. Something about it is not in sync with the iphone OS in some way.

    I look forward to hearing from you. I haven't had time until now, but I will delete the app, power off my phone, restart, and download the app again, to see if this makes any difference.

    It's a good concept - I would love to be able to use it! Thanks for getting in touch,

  3. Jane, thanks for being willing to help us fix this! You can send the info to (that will go to our support technicians). If you don't hear back from them in a few days, you can email me directly at Thanks again!