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Friday, April 12, 2013

Cemetery Browsers Beware the Unexpected Hitchhiker

East End Meeting House Burial Ground, Falmouth MA
Ahh, spring has sprung.  We are cavorting about in tee shirts, jacket-less, sock-free...the longer days enticing to the cemetery browser/photographer who wants to capture the golden light of late afternoon.

I headed out to the old burying ground next to the East End Meeting House, in Falmouth on such an evening.  Built in 1797 to take overflow from the Congregational Church on the village green, this church, after having offered worship to a number of different denominations through the years, is now home to the Falmouth Jewish Congregation.

The simple burial ground dating back to early 1800's and the original congregation, is lovely in this rural area of Falmouth.  I knew the setting sun would infuse the cemetery with a warm light.  I wandered around amidst the stones reading names and epitaphs, soon venturing into a ferocious stand of bamboo that was encroaching on the cemetery.  Anyone who knows bamboo, knows how it spreads like wildfire.  These headstones faced closely into the bamboo. To read the names meant a little bushwhacking.

A nice little cemetery adventure before dinner.

Lewises and Eldredges facing the bamboo
Guess who was coming to dinner, however?  T.I.C.K.  Yes folks, beware the tiny deer tick.  They are out cavorting about the spring days, just as we are!  On my way home, Tick appeared on the leg of my jeans.  NOTE:  Pull car over before hastily disposing of said tick.  Do not weave car wildly over road whilst trying to capture tick from leg, lower car window, and eject tick.  Luckily, it was after hours with not much traffic. Tick ejection: complete.

* Wear DEET.  Light colored pants. Hat (yes, they fall from trees) Upon arriving home, ask for tick check (fun).  Dive into shower. *

Warning #2:  POISON IVY.  Yes, I managed to pick up some of that too.  In spring, the leaves are not yet on the stalks and it is almost impossible to detect.  Yet, the sap is running - a classic time to get the maddeningly itchy rash.

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