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Saturday, April 13, 2013


I was researching a sea captain on this morning and, for the first time, was directed to an outside website called ""  I had read about them somewhere, but this is the first time they appeared in the "Results" list for my research.

They are a Utah-based company with a goal to record one billion gravestone images.  At first glance, I wondered why they were any different than ""  It seems to be all in the technology. Blog page

Two weeks ago, they released an app for your smart phone/tablet called "Legacy Mobile."  This app is actually something I have been longing for.  As a frequent Photo Contributor to, I have wished for a more streamlined process via the iPhone.

At you can use your device to take a photo of a gravestone, and if that headstone has already been added to their archive, it will give you all the pertinent information about that person.  If it hasn't been added yet, you can add it yourself, with the photo, right then and there.

It also allows you to create a family tree without being connected to the internet (as is necessary with the app which I admit to finding maddening and relatively unhelpful) and the app syncs with and Billiongraves to allow you to research your ancestors on the go.

The website and their operation as a whole, is clearly tech-oriented and designed to connect.  Their blog instructs you to join their FB page, and the right side-bar of the blog gives you a running list of the latest Tweets.  You can also sign up to win a mini-iPad. Prizes are always fun and create fan-ship.

Additionally, they have a running Newsfeed on their home page, indicating how many gravestone images are being added all over the country, in real time.  Kind of cool to watch this.

I have downloaded the app, and before I give further details about more facets of their website and app,  will report back to you as to how unique, helpful, easy-to-use the BillionGraves format proves to be. 

I am often nagged by a sense of being "the last to know."  If anyone has been using Billion Graves, I would love to hear about your experience, so please drop a comment here.

Have a great weekend!

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