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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Very Grave Matter

Today, I have to pass along news that I really wish was not necessary.  However, I hope in the sharing, the work of this devoted young woman will be appreciated anew.

Jenn Marcelais: image credit see below

Jenn Marcelais of Portsmouth, NH, who is the tireless researcher, designer, and author of the website "A Very Grave Matter," passed away at the age of 39 last month.  Her contributions to genealogical research are immeasurable.

My own discovery of her website predated my knowledge of, another fine cemetery site.   Much of my New England cemetery research took place right there on her site, and with much success,  and forwarded my own genealogical endeavors.

Visiting the site today, I notice that all the many photographic images posted there are unattainable.  However, the town-to-town list of names for each cemetery included (in Maine, NH, and Mass.) are still viewable.  Also, the reports of individual cemetery conditions, the short summaries of the local town history included in the right hand side bar of the pages is also still viewable.  As an historical resource, the website lives on as a tremendous aid to researchers.

Please honor and appreciate Jenn Marcelais' work by visiting her website today.

(Photo credit for above image: courtesy of Portsmouth, NH


  1. Thanks for alerting me to the fact that the photos on this website are already in limbo. I'm afraid we are going to lose this wonderful resource, and that may be just the first straw...

  2. Jenn's premature death is a terrible loss to her family and a serious loss to the genealogical and grave hunting families as a whole

  3. As far as I know, we've lost all the photos. I didn't know Jenn personally but I was a contributing photographer to her website. I always want to get together to put a face to a name but I never asked. If anyone knows how to purchase herphotos, please email me

  4. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for adding your comment and request with email address. Hopefully someone who has knowledge of her photos will get in touch. I am no longer in the Portsmouth area and have no further information to add, I'm afraid. Jane S.