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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Magic Wand II Scanner Revisited

Good morning.   As promised, I am getting back to you about my experiences with the Magic Wand II hand held scanner.  This time I used it for images only.

Here are two magazine covers I scanned - American Ancestors, a really fun and well-written magazine issued by the NEHGS to members, and of course - Rolling Stone.  (Yes, I have rather eclectic reading taste.)

Both images reproduced almost perfectly.  The only difference in quality was in the color and contrast realm.  Here they are:

click for larger image

This magazine image reproduced with amazing detail.  The original image had a canvas-like texture to it which makes sense, since it is a reproduction of Andries van Eertvelt's "An Algerine Ship off a Barbary Port," 17th century.  If you view the image larger, you will see the canvas texture.

Pretty impressive.  However, the color characteristics are slightly off.  The actual magazine cover is much softer, lighter, and with an overall greener tint.  Very subtle and beautiful.  I slipped the image from the scanner into Photoshop, and ran Auto Level corrections over it, to see if it corrected itself.  There was a slight change in "tone" but not much.

I don't find this an objectionable difference, though.  I can lighten up the overall image very easily in Photoshop with one quick click.  But it's not really necessary when the purpose is simply to capture the image for either personal use, or maybe including in a genealogical report.  If you wanted to print this up, you might want to undergo the minor corrections in Photoshop, first.

* I now have to confess that the CAT decided to rub up against my arm as I scanned both of these images, so....even with that feline distraction, they came out very well!

Here is the second:

Again, click for larger image

There is really nothing at all to report with this image from the glossy cover of Rolling Stone.  It came out exactly true to the original.

I think the quick summary of these image results is that the scanner tends to produce somewhat contrasty results.  The Rolling Stone image is already very sharp and contrasty, therefore scans very well.  The American Ancestors cover painting has many more subtle gradations of color for the scanner to handle.  And I am not sure if room lighting has an effect.

Overall, I think you will be very happy with Magic Wand II.  The  ease of scanning and downloading to your computer is a real plus.  And of course, the portability.  I don't think you would regret the purchase.

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