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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What If Tampa Lost Power?

With Hurricane Isaac bearing down on Puerto Rico, and Florida, there is much concern about the GOP convention happening in Tampa next week.  "What if Tampa lost power?"  The mayor of Tampa reports reassuringly that the city is prepared.

Historic storms in Tampa?

I searched, that great archive of old newspapers and documents.  Keywords:  Tampa, power lost; Date: 1890-1930.   This website never disappoints.  Occurring a little later in the year than the last week of August, a significant storm did in fact knock the stuffing out of Tampa in October of 1921.  Here is an excerpt from the article published by the Macon Telegraph, Macon GA:

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" The business section of Tampa is practically flooded under three feet of water as a result of the gulf storm...No loss of life has been reported, but the industry is at a standstill...The entire West Coast of Florida is feeling the effects of the storm and is virtually isolated insofar as communication is concerned...

Tampa is without lights, telegraph, telephone or street car service..."

Even before this 1921 storm, dating back as far as 1860, old newspapers report numerous historic storms and loss of ships, life, crops and general hurricane mayhem during the month of August.

It is possible that the weather will prove to be much more enthralling than the convention??  Just a thought...

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