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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Plucking the Fruits of Missouri Research at the MO SOS

In the world of research, there is nothing more gratifying than finding a fecund, new archive of information.  Today, this came in the form of the Missouri Digital Heritage archives, located at the "Missouri Secretary of State" website [MO SOS.]

Courtesy: Missouri Digital Heritage website
This website is rich in historical information about Missouri and a fun site to visit, as well, with its many images, videos, and exhibits - and very clear info regarding use of the database. There are many collections to search there, but today I was looking for death records.

You can search both pre- and post -1910 birth and death certificates. It's awesome, really.  A brilliantly clear copy of the original certificate will be available to download as a PDF.  The Missouri death records were quite detailed around 1910 and yield an abundance of information.

This was my first foray into any Missouri records, in the course of my genealogical research.

After searching for some hours on and with zero results for death records for my particular family, I had come to believe that perhaps many of Missouri vital records had not been digitized, or were somehow lost.   The Missouri Digital Heritage pages proved far more fruitful!

Visit, and have enjoy. 

P.S.  I wish to give credit where credit is due:  I would not have found this great resource, had I not been viewing a memorial page on that cited these archives as the source of the information contained there.  So...thank you to the author who correctly included a citation for the biographical info on their page.

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