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Monday, July 30, 2012

Occupation: "Lightning Rod"

1880:  Henry and Tryphosa Eaton, and Henry's brother, John Eaton, all of Deer Isle, Maine, re-located in the 1870's to Missouri.  The reason for this is unclear.  However, the 1880 Census for them in Springfield, Missouri lists Henry's occupations as "LIGHTNING ROD."   Hmm.  Sounds dangerous.

His brother John who also lives in Henry's household, has "LIGHTNING ROD AGT" listed as his occupation.

Were they inventors of the lightning rod, perhaps?  And why Missouri?  Once again, a new realm of research pops up, to discover the details regarding Occupation: "Lightning Rod."

1900:  The Eatons must have done well and survived any lightening strikes.  Now, Henry is listed as a "coal and ice dealer."  He has two servants in the household. (Brother John Eaton is no longer there.) They live in a neighborhood whose citizens hail from many different states, most seem to be business owners, with servants -  clearly an affluent area.

Those Deer Isle folks...whether on the high seas or on land, they were definitely adventurous...

Henry Eaton:  Occupation- "Lightning Rod"

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