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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gravestone Images: A Cow and a Funeral Home?

In my travels today around the Berwicks and Waterboro, Maine, I encountered two contemporary headstones of some note.

The first belongs to the Johnson family of N. Berwick, and lately of Hillside Cemetery.  The Johnsons own the funeral home in town. Their family monument has a perfect rendition of this historic town building. You can even see the funeral home sign in the picture. The monument is surrounded by the individual marker stones for the many members of the family, most of whom are not yet in that final resting place - but certainly "prepared."  Quite impressive.

Off Clark Bridge Road in Waterboro, Maine is the "Pine Grove Cemetery North" not to be confused with the larger, more peopled "Pine Grove Cemetery South," down the road apiece.
Here I found a most unusual choice for a gravestone image. Waterboro, Maine and surrounding towns such as Hollis and Limerick, are farm towns, at one time undoubtedly more "cattled" than "peopled."  At any rate, a certain Warren chose to forever link himself to ....a cow. Or steer.  It's very 'moooo-ving - a daring mooove, I'd say.  (Or, someone with a farmer's pride and/or a wonderful sense of humor.)

What would you choose as gravestone image?


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