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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Parish Cemetery . York, Maine

Each and every burial (over 6,000) is listed on the First Parish Cemetery memorial website.  Click here to visit.

Historic First Parish Church, York Village, Maine

You will see an alphabetical menu enabling you to locate your deceased-of-interest. Each person has a memorial page which will include all known dates/names from the headstone, AND, the actual plot location in the cemetery (section, plot, stone)  It is an incredibly thorough and helpful site.  You can use this if you are visiting the cemetery yourself, and the plot information is especially helpful to the photographer, if you are making a photo request on

As I roamed around the cemetery this morning taking photos, the Cemetery Super drove up speedily in his golf cart and was extremely helpful.  He tooted back to the office, found the exact location (since I did not know how the sections of the cemetery were actually laid out), and sped back to me with the info.  Nice guy.

He did somewhat shrug and smile and say "we've had an interloper," when I mentioned this helpful website.  I asked what that meant, and he seemed to be indicating that he did not upload the current info, and told me someone had possibly altered the information for the burials and was not necessarily 100% accurate.  However, today, for me -- it was 100% right on.

PS:  If you want to take a leisurely stroll through a beautiful and peaceful setting, this is the place.  Don't miss the Museum and Old Gaol across from the Church...

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