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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

St. Michael's Cemetery, Rollinsford, NH

Sometimes there is a moment of supreme serenity that exists in an empty cemetery, early evening, under an overcast sky.

The winged angel and her scroll at the gate of St. Michael's in Rollinsford.


  1. My great grandmother and grandfather are buried in st. Michael's Cemetery and four years I have been trying to locate the gravesite for them. I recently found the gravesite of my great-grandmother but still to this day am unable to find the gravesite of my great-grandfather. According to the cemetery they have lost records prior to 1950 and my great-grandfather died in 1909. I have funeral records showing that he is buried in st. Michael's Cemetery they just do not have the lot number listed on the records I am not sure if the cemetery is responsible for helping locate him since they are responsible for losing him. I want to locate him ASAP so I can erect A headstone for him as well as have my 88 year old mother be able to visit her grandfather's grave while we are lucky enough to still have her with us. If you could please help me I would appreciate it.

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