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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Vital Records of Hamilton Massachusetts

My mother did a fastidious job of keeping the Annual Reports from the town of Hamilton, Essex Co., Massachusetts (where I grew up.)  She began with the year she and my father bought their house : 1951.

I've gleaned the Births, Marriage, and Deaths pages out of the reports, and turned these into one PDF file, per report. Click on the link below to view these download/view these pages.

1951 Hamilton Report, Vital Records.


  1. Wow, are you going to do other years? My mom's family lived in Hamilton. What a great resource to have online.

  2. Yes, I will keep adding them. I'm currently looking into new scanning technology to make that process faster, and possibly a better way to make them accessible to readers. Do you know what years your mother's family lived there?