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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Rollinsford Public Library and Cemetery Lists

The Rollinsford Library is small but the history/reading room is a real asset - both to the town and to anyone researching the history of the town and it's early settlers.

While I was there the other day, I acquired the cemetery plot plan with names, for the Old Town Cemetery of Rollinsford.  Clicking on the link below will download the 6 page map of this small but fascinating cemetery.  If anything, it will give you a good idea of who was in town in the late 1700's and forward.

Old Town Cemetery, Rollinsford: Cemetery Map

Another great resource, full of the details of the people of Rollinsford and written like a good novel, is Catalfo's book:

I have searched for any kind of online printing of Catalfo's book to no avail, and I'm not sure how one would acquire it.  However, the Library holds this treasure and there's a very relaxing reading room with big windows, next to the rushing Salmon Falls, in which to kick back and spend a couple of hours engrossed in early days of Rollinsford.

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  1. This book is also available in the Dover, NH Public Library in the historical room.