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Monday, April 2, 2012

Today is the Day: Update

6:00pm. The servers crashed at NARA. Yes, so many people logged into the National Archives website to view the new 1940, the overload crashed their servers. And THAT explains why I could not access them this morning. If you are having problems, that is why. They vow to have them up and running some time tomorrow.

...the 1940 Census is released.  I have spent the morning hoping to access this new U.S. Census set, however, perhaps particular to my family searches or due to something else - I have not encountered one 1940 Census record.

I know from my own volunteerism efforts with Indexing program, that some of these records are still being indexed and arbitrated - at the speed of light - but it's possible that my Boston area searches this morning were due to this geographic location being still a "work in progress," on

So, it would seem key to keep checking back.  AND, the 1940 Census records are *free* on the website.  Click on the link above.  You have 10 days of free researching.

Painting by Fil Kennedy of the Isidore, the night she wrecked

Regarding a previous blog post:  Barque Isidore
Here is the crew list:

(I have found an excellent source regarding this local wreck and will post this, soon.)

Lost at sea:

Leander Foss
Clement Stone
John Crowder
George P. Lewis
John Tendell
Paul M. Grant
Geo. P. Davis
William Hardin
James C. Murphy
Charles Lord
James F. Hutchins
James Young
William Thompson
Alvin Huff
Daniel Perkins

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