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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ruminations, Random Thoughts and Cedar Shingles

Why a blog, I ask myself?  I'm not altogether comfortable with the 'sound' of my own voice in a one-way conversation, which is what most of our online communication is all about.

I actually rarely read blogs, unless they have to do with a DYI (which is my affectionate term for "Do Yourself In")  project, or ancestry information.  But, I came upon the blog of a woman in Ohio while looking for - of all things - how to stamp words into  silver spoons (without flattening them!). This woman spoke closest to my heart in sharing information not just about her art, but a grateful and graceful, beautifully photographed sharing of personal moments in her life. A new husband, a house sold, a farm bought, sheep, friends, much more than pedantic "telling" of how to do something.

She brought a nice light into my day, reading her posts.  It reminded me that sharing our lives is important, maybe more important than information -and reminds me that we are all knit together on some level, even if it is appearing one-dimensionally, online.

On that note, however, today I have removed our "Ancestry.Ink" Facebook page. It seemed redundant and honestly - impersonal. I've struggled with Facebook a lot.  I have friends far away on Martha's Vineyard where I lived for 30 years, before moving to Maine several years ago. For that reason, I keep my personal FB page - to keep up with their lives, and share a little bit of mine. It is not the same as being there, but will have to do for now.

But regarding genealogy and history and the seeking of ancestors,  here is where I would prefer to talk to you.

Today...sometimes we just need to see a beautiful view!   Stonington Harbor, on the island of Deer Isle:

Not so changed from the late 1800's - 1900s when my ancestors lived, fished and raised families.

(You will be amused that with a slip of the hand, I accidentally uploaded a picture of my brother Don, running a marathon in Germany, where he lives.  I thought I'd leave it up, just for fun. He is the tall, wiry, fast guy on the left.)
Alex Henderson, of Deer Isle, lost in the Civil War
Those of you who are PBS fans and also Civil War enthusiasts may remember the mention of the two Henderson brothers lost in the Civil War, in one day, and how the Henderson family of Deer Isle suffered their tragic loss.  They are ancestors of is the stone of one of the brothers, Alex (now you can go back and watch Ken Burn's wonderful Civil War movie, with a reason!)

And last but not least, my beautiful, good-natured daughter overlooking the sea at Owl's Head a couple of years ago, helping me explore the wilds (and cemeteries) of Deer Isle, Waldoboro, Owl's Head, Maine during her college Spring break:

And now I've shared enough and am heading out to put up the last pieces of sheet rock and the last few cedar shingles on my new studio!  Have a wonderful Easter.

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