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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Potter's Field

Def. noun ( sometimes initial capital letters )
a piece of ground reserved as a burial place for strangers and the friendless poor. Matt. 27:7.

The Potter's Field; Forest Glade Cemetery; Somersworth, NH

 As in so many other New England cemeteries, this section, for the "poor and unknown" dead of the town of Somersworth, NH is in a rough, woodsy area of unyielding ground - not included in the well-tended rolling grassy areas divided by treed lanes.
'F. Brown' and 'A. Gibbon'  ~ Potter's Field; Forest Glade; Somersworth, NH

The stones are very close together and yet, almost every stone has a name or initials etched into the it's face.   

Below, in the center of Forest Glade Cemetery, a section to memorialize more influential and affluent members of this community, generally, manufacturers and businessmen related to the cotton mill and related textile industries situated on the Salmon Falls River, and started by the Wendell brothers of Boston, in 1822.  Rollinsford was also a part of this town until 1849.

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