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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From Family Burial Plot to Park Cemetery

Today's research took me to Shapleigh, Maine and a search in the woods for the Emery family burial plot.  The Emerys were early and active citizens of Shapleigh, Springvale and environs.  The plot was a short walk off a dirt road, and the plot interior was greatly overgrown.  I suspected there were stones beneath the thick bed of pines and leaves and small saplings.  I dug them out and took photos for posterity. It would be nice to try to save that burial ground before it is lost forever.  Many of the stones are lying down, but could be restored, at this point.

Emery Burial Ground, Shapleigh Maine

Sarah E.
Daughter of Reuben and Sally Wentworth
Died Feb. 28, 1853(?)
AEt.  21 yrs.

I don't think this stone has seen the light of day in many
a year.

From one extreme to the other:

On my way home, after doing a couple of hours of research on the Pray family, in the Springvale Library Genealogical Room, I drove into the Oakdale Cemetery in Sanford.  What a surprise.  A perfect example of a "garden" or park style cemetery, complete with American flag, rolling mounds, small lake and waterfall, at the center.

Oakdale Cemetery, looking from older section to new.

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