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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catching up in February

Note to those who follow here, I'm removing my website (not this blog) from the web.  I have found it unnecessary and this blog site provides better and more immediate point of reference for anyone asking genealogical questions. 

Since last posting, I have joined the legion of volunteer photo contributors.  This is a great service.  For those unfamiliar with how it works, to start, you can create an account on and post your own photos and information regarding departed ancestors (or anyone, really).  You can include photos, "bio" information about the departed, etc.  

If you know the cemetery where the departed is laid to rest, you can include that information.  Or, if you just know from records, in what town they died, you can include that, as well. Many people doing ancestral research, however, live very far away from these locations.  Therefore, they can send out a "photo request."

So, as a contributor of my own cemetery info, I also signed on to be a "photo contributor."  In the last two days, I have received photo requests, sent by email via, to research two family grave sites in my geographical area.  To respond to the request, you must "claim" that you will take the photo within 14 days. (Since we're about to get 12" of snow, I thought I'd get right on this task.)

As it turns out, my two gravestone requests were quite close to each other. Different towns, but within 15 minutes. I was able to locate the graveyards with no problem and take a host of photos, which I uploaded to the page already posted of the departed person.

Along the way, to aid my search, as one of the burial plots was very old and not located yet, I visited the Dover (NH) Public Library for the first time. Exciting place!  I asked for compilation list of the town's cemeteries, and sure enough, some good citizen had included the old burial plot I was seeking WITH instructions on how to find it.  Some street names had been changed, but I did find it, nestled in the woods behind a very nice condominium complex on the outskirts of town.

This all sounds kind of confusing, so it's best to just go to and look around the site.  I've used it for years in my genealogical research, but I have finally found the time to offer my photo services.  It's fun - and an adventure. (And I'm really glad I have a Prius, as it is saving me a ton of gas on these jaunts.)