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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Graveyards of Summer

Clara Elwell, d. 1862, Sea Side Cemetery
The cemeteries of the Maine coastal region are stunning.  The cooler temperatures and the exquisite care that is given to graveyards by the cemetery keepers of these small towns, creates a lush, green sanctuary in which to stroll - many situated overlooking a breathtaking, scenic harbor.  There is no holier place to tread to appreciate the spirit of those below ground, conjoined with nature, above.  Truly a peaceful experience.

After driving out of Camden and Rockport, down the long peninsula to St. George, I dropped into a local restaurant for an ice cream and some directions.  Not the normal tourist seeking lobster or a place to drop a kayak, I rather sheepishly asked the young waitress where the nearest cemetery was located. (I had done some preliminary research and knew there were both Henderson and Sweetland ancestors of interest, somewhere on St. George.)

"Two minutes up the road on the left," she enthusiastically offered.  And sure enough slightly up Route 131, a quiet winding road, was the shaded, tall wrought iron gate to the cemetery grounds which spread gracefully downhill to Tenant's Harbor, and the distant waters of low tide. 

This stone is the most ornate I have encountered in a rural graveyard in all my New England travels.  Many of the stones in this cemetery in St. George, Maine, are carved of an almost pure white stone or marble which has withstood the centuries, almost entirely unscathed.  They stand out in beautiful contrast to the vibrant moss and close cut rolling lawns.

William A. Elwell must have had a great love for his 19 year old wife Clara W., to erect such an elaborate memorial after her death 12 Feb 1862.

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