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Monday, June 27, 2011

French and Jewish in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Dover NH

While waiting for my car appointment at the Toyota dealer across the street, I finally ventured into St. Mary's Cemetery on Dover Point Road, Dover NH.  The entrance to this large, neatly attended Catholic graveyard is flanked by two huge white statues of the Virgin Mary. The Parish of the Assumption, in downtown Dover, oversees the care of the cemetery.

Within, I found that the back section of the cemetery, gravestones spanning from the mid-1800's to present day, contained a long linear section of humble stones marking burials of French, possibly French Canadian citizens.  Directly to the right of this section, were stones etched with Hebrew, apparently the Jewish section of this Catholic graveyard.  The back of this long narrow section of graves was flanked by thick woods, marking the back border of this vast cemetery.  There is a sense that these graves were set apart from the others, purposely.

French /French Canadian headstones.

Headstone in Jewish burial section of

I have found no history of this cemetery on the website of the Parish of the Assumption, therefore will call them to learn of the origins of these headstones and why they are set at the back of the cemetery, separated by a lane, from the rest of the cemetery.

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