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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cause of Death: Dentition

Teeth??  This morning as I was examining death records in PA for the Corrigan family of mid-1800's, I came across a cause of death in a 6-month old infant as "morbid dentition."   This seemed odd.  Did it mean the child died while cutting teeth?   A little web surfing brought me to other blog posts of genealogists querying about the same issue - age of death from dentition seemed to range from infancy to as old as 20.  Perhaps infected wisdom teeth?

Cause of death in old records can yield mystifying terms.  Great fun to read - and imagine!

Finally, I came upon this post from the blog at Ptak Science Books, which I thought was worthy of sharing.  Though it does not answer the "dentition" question fully, it has an entertaining list of the top 40 (or so) causes of death in London's 1600's.  Milk leg?  Eel thing?  Headmouldshot?    Read on...

Image courtesy of Ptak Science Books LLC; Post 464

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