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Monday, April 25, 2011

Unexpected results from FHL microfilm

Records found on or the site sometimes provide an abstract, or only partial information written on the original, historical document.  A mysterious death location of Leavenworth KS, taking place in the 1880's, led me to a funeral home record collection dating 1942 - 1954 - the wrong dates, but I knew it was the right person, from other corroborating evidence I had of her.

I ordered the microfilm, hoping I would find a number of clues to 'Nellie's' death (at age 23), and other family members listed on the death certificate of the funeral home.

Much to my surprise, it was a record of a "disinterment."  Nellie's brother, 59 years after her death from consumption, wrote to the funeral home in Leavenworth KS to order her remains dug up, boxed, and shipped to his local funeral home, to be re-buried in the family cemetery plot in Maine. I did find her cause of death, but no other family information.

Expect the unexpected!

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