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Thursday, February 24, 2011

History Repeats Itself (and so does the weather)

Last July 2010, a swift and devastating tornado ripped through upper York County, Maine. Two of the hardest hit towns were Gray and Limerick.  A good friend of mine who lives in Limerick had the roof ripped off his house and his property laid to waste, losing almost every tree.

Shortly after that, I came upon a postcard postmarked 1909, showing fallen trees.  The caption on the front reads:  "Ruin caused by Tornado, July 8, 1909, No. Gray, Maine."  Remarkable.  What seemed like a bizarre, out-of-the-ordinary event last July, we now know to have happened before in nearly the very same location, just over 100 years ago!

Sometimes when history repeats itself, even in the form of notable weather events,  there is a certain comfort in discovering it has happened before...and life has gone on and renewed itself.  (It is also interesting to note that a postcard was created to record this tornado in Gray.)

Here is the old postcard, followed by a photo I took of last July's tornado havoc in Limerick. (Captions added at bottom of images are my own, and not part of the postcard.)

Gray Maine, 1909 (postcard)

Limerick Maine, 2010 (photograph)

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